Enjoy an effective way to keep track of shipments

Scan every barcode, manage inventory and set up alerts

Track items using barcodes or QR codes

Our app provides a scanning solution that reads every barcode or QR in the market and then creates the routes.

Set up alerts to keep track of wrongly assigned shipments

Sometimes we are assigned shipments that do not belong to our routes. With the alert system you won’t pick up anything wrong.

Manage your inventory on any device

You can scan our packages from a mobile device, a tablet or a finger scanner, it is up to you!

Pick and Pack

Send us your goods and we will deliver them for you.

Warehouse and Storage

Our warehousemen receive your products and organise and prepare them for delivery

We Pick, Pack and Send

We deliver the product with the best user experience by following your instructions and recommendations

Natoinal range

We are prepared to delivery every one of your products anyplace at anytime

Complete Customer Service solution

We provide your customer service team with tools that will result into great customer experience while empowering your brand image

Automated Whatsapp for Business

Manage through a customizable set of templates any address, time or zone change and let the change be automated in our database.

Desktop call center

Your agents can call, record and keep track of any point of contact with your customers while attending multiple queries at the same time

Keep track of everything

Your team can record any call, save any conversation and keep track of every single email with our desktop CS solution

Most complete Fleet Management solution

Designed to help you automate fleet operations tasks and keep vehicles and couriers up to date.

  • Manage Reverse Logistics– Keep your customers updated on their returns
  • Quick and easy integration – We integrate in one click in your ecommerce and give you access to the app
  • Custom delivery – We deliver your orders for the best unboxing experience
  • We promote transparency – We communicate to your customers every status of their shipment
  • Sorter as a Service – Use our sorter to offer faster, better options to your customers