Plan your routes and save time every day

When you have 100+ stops it can take ages to create the best route, but we provide a set of solutions for that:

Find addresses fast

Saving time is gold. Quickly add, optimize and find every address on your route, navigating smoothly with your favorite map app.

Forget traffic jams

  • Add, delete or re-optimize multiple addresses while on your route easily

Get in touch with the customer

You can quickly solve any issues by calling the customer with our in-app solution. We guarantee your privacy!

Complete Customer Service solution

We provide your customer service team with tools that will result into great customer experience while empowering your brand image

Automated processes through Whatsapp

Manage through a customizable set of templates any address, time or zone change and let the change be automated in our database.

Desktop call center

Your agents can call, record and keep track of any point of contact with your customers while attending multiple queries at the same time

Keep track of everything

Your team can record any call, save any conversation and keep track of every single email with our desktop CS solution

Manage returns through our PUDOs and points of convenience

Give customers an easy, safe return experience

Empower customers to help themselves

Customers can start a return at anytime and on-to-go with a fast, easy experience that helps your brand loyalty grow

Work smarter and give drivers time

Control how and when returns get processed with flexible flows, policies and shipping fees and automation rules.

Connect to your eCommerce site

Link your returns process to the tools your team already uses with a plug & play integration via API or webhook.

Provide different delivery options

We create the most dense routes while providing the best experience


Mox manages a set of local shops or retail outlets that offer parcel pick up and drop off service to enable your customers more convenient locations

Parcel Lockers

We offer a contactless, sustainable and convenient way to receive, return and ship parcels from one location.

C2C, Home-to-Home

You can send parcels between individuals and keep track of the operation with our C2C management tool.

Communications tool that fosters better customer-brand relationships

We want you to provide your customers with a single point of contact (SPOC). We can also do the work for you!

Proof of delivery and tracking code

We send a tracking code to your customers and once they receive their parcel you will be shared a complete POD: ID, signature, picture… everything you need!

We have an automated chat service via Whatsapp

Manage through a customizable set of templates any address, time or zone change and let the change be automated in our database.

Drivers and customer service can call your customer

We have empowered our team with a phone masking technology that keeps the highest privacy when calling your customers

Most complete Fleet Management solution

Designed to help you automate fleet operations tasks and keep vehicles and couriers up to date.

  • Manage Reverse Logistics– Keep your customers updated on their returns
  • Quick and easy integration – We integrate in one click in your ecommerce and give you access to the app
  • Custom delivery – We deliver your orders for the best unboxing experience
  • We promote transparency – We communicate to your customers every status of their shipment
  • Sorter as a Service – Use our sorter to offer faster, better options to your customers