End-to-end solution

Our mission is to help our partners increase customer satisfaction by developing the best end-to-end tools for logistics operations.

  • Routing software

    We make it easy for you to optimize multiple driver routes at once, find best addresses and never lose track of your daily tasks.

  • Secure Integration

    We are fully aware of the importance of keeping it clear when it comes to information sharing. We have the highest security standards.

  • Customer Service

    We provide your customers updated through our unique solution that includes Whatsapp, Phone Calls, SMS and emails.

  • Scan & your packages

    Sorting and warehouse management is a loss of time for drivers. Enjoy an effective way to keep tabs on parcels.

  • Staff scheduling

    Our software puts an end to administrative problems and simplifies HR processes for you

  • Reverse Logistics

    Create a new return shipping label for the shipment and update any changes while getting your products back into your inventory.

Last Mile Logistics

How It Works?

We want to make it simple and smooth. Just share your needs, integrate with us and let our team guide you through the process.

Your Data in Cloud

We work with AWS and our own serverless solutions. We are fast, reliable and always on time.

24/7 Support

Our team is pleased to help you if you have any question before or after integrating with us via email, phone or scheduled meetings.

White label

We know how important it is for your company to not do lose its identity. Our solution can be totally whitelabel.

Fleet Management

Mox for Fleets routing software makes it easy to optimize multiple driver routes at once, find best addresses and never lose track of your daily tasks.

Easy to Use

Scan your packages and turn them into routes

From Warehouse to Destination

We provide a scanning solution that reads every barcode or QR in the market and then creates the routes.

Empower your Couriers

Your couriers can call, record and keep track of any point of contact with your customers while keeping full privacy.

Mox for Warehouses

We provide a basic warehouse management system to help you sort out and deliver your shipments.

On any Device

You can scan our packages from a mobile device, a tablet or a finger scanner, it is up to you!

Manage Reverse Logistics

Create a new return shipping label for the shipment and update any changes while getting your products back into your inventory.

Stay Informed

Easily find shipping-related information like weights, dimensions, carrier service or destination address when scanning a shipment.

Mox for Retailers

We are the only delivery software that provides an end-to-end solution: from warehouse to returns and customer service.

Multiple Drop Off Points

Manage returns through our PUDOs, lockers and points of convenience, from customer to customer or from shop to shop.

AIO Communications Tool

Our Whatsapp and phone masking technology records any contact with your customer while keeping their privacy

Stay Informed

We send a tracking code to your customers and you will receive a complete Proof of Delivery (POD)

Food and Groceries Delivery

Solutions for restaurants, supermarkets and other brick & mortar

Create your own ecommerce

Feel free to manage your own ecommerce at your will: brand, buttons, sections… everything is doable

Delivery from different stores at once

If you own a wide range of stores with multiple offers, we help you deliver everything at once

Manage your ecommerce as your shop

Your online presence is no different from your physical one. We provide you any tool that you may need to treat it the same way

Parcel Pick up & Drop off

Empower your deliveries through our wide network of PUDO points where a trusted member of the network will receive them

Easy Order Management

We provide PUDOs with an app to manage their shipments

We empower logistics through our technology

Pickup and dropoff locations offer benefits to the customers, shoppers and carriers.

Tech Solution

We simplify the workflow with intuitive solutions. We can integrate any ecommerce via web, file, FTPS or API

Best AIO solution in the market

We are buildilng tools for the age of ecommerce and logistics. Powered by innovation.

  • Earnings predictability – know before you go. We give you transparency into your earnings before you finish your month.
  • Route location customization – At any moment you know what route you’ll be performing and you can reorder it at your wish.
  • Staff scheduling– Our software puts an end to administrative problems and simplifies HR processes for you.
  • Smooth work – Simply pick up a route of packages from a warehouse and deliver them.
  • Customer satisfaction is key – We increase your customer lifetime value and customer loyalty..

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App Screenshots

We want to provide you with the best UX and design. We know how important it is to have an easy, well-structured app


We really want to provide you with the best solution and fulfill all your needs. These are some common doubts we want to solve.

We get location data from credited web services.

That means Mox works in every region that’s supported on Google Maps. That’s almost the entire world!

This is the list of countries we are currently working at:

  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Portugal

Our app is in Spanish, French, English and Chinese.

If your customers live in a remote area it might happen that our app experiences some issues with its satellite connection, but do not worry as we can work offline.

Double check that the file is structured the right way:

✅  Use supported formats: CSV, TSV, XLS, XLSX
✅  First row is a header and spelling is double checked
✅  The header row uses the right labels for your business needs
✅  The information is split up into different columns
✅  Include any extra information you need as the last, separate column


🚫  Photographs or PDFs of your route
🚫  Spreadsheets with multiple sheets
🚫  Empty rows between the header row and next row with text
🚫  Images inside the spreadsheets
🚫  Merge cells vertically

We send a real time tracking link once the package leaves our warehouses.

In that link we show you when the parcel will arrive. If the driver is delayed, the tracking code will be automatically updated.

If the parcel should have arrived some time ago but you didn’t receive anything, please contact our customer service team.

We also send a POD (Proof of Delivery) once the package has been delivered to your door.

There is not limit for you to manage your fleet.

You can add as many drivers as you need. Also, your drivers can perform as many stops as necessary.

Our optimizer works best when managing up to 200 stops, but we can talk is you have any further need.

Our team

We have an experienced team in Supply Chain, Last Mile Delivery and Mobility

Enric Ochoa-Prieto

Enric Ochoa-Prieto

Product Owner

María Buendía

María Buendía

Product Manager

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